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My name is David Gerencser I'm 30 years old and have been developing since 13. Starting off as a back-end developer in PHP I quickly found my passion and later added front-end into my collection of skills. I currently know 8 languages and I'm learning 2 presently.

About Me

  • Name: David Gerencser
  • Age: 30
  • Phone: +36709410142
  • Skype: geryke.01
  • Email: david@geda.cloud

Hi, my name is David Gerencser. I'm a Full Stack Developer.

My core language since the age of 13 has been PHP, however, I've learned over the years to best understand, adapt and match your backend code that it's also important to have an as equally powerful frontend.

Technology has been a huge part of my life, and continues to be with the sheer amount of breakthroughs over the past decade. When it comes to using softwares and platforms I've come to find that not everything is as needed or wanted and with this challenge in mind when I have time, over a duration of roughly a week I will set out to make my own custom version of a platform to better it for my needs, and needs of others.

A prime example of my custom version of a platform is something all developers use - Text Editors. The most common text editors to date are Sublime 3 and Atom, however, they are a challenge to use and also have security issues when using them based around a multitude of machines, FTP accounts and domains. With these issues in mind I created a custom editor communicating with FTP across any machine added, any project added and any member added. Details and screenshots of the editor I created and now use for all my projects can be found below called "Eden Editor".

My Skills
MySQL / PDO / MongoDB
JavaScript / JSON
Large Understanding

My Previous Projects

My Previous Work

I've had the chance to do some pretty amazing stuff! Check some of it out below.